Bazooka 36" Prospector Gold Sluice

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The  36" Prospector is the most popular of the Bazooka range

This brilliantly designed sluice box is lightweight with uni-body construction of ABS plastic, made entirely in the USA. It has no mat or riffles, and no assembly required! The Bazooka Gold Traps have inlet tubes from the water scoop into the trap. There are a number of small holes in this tubing which keep the lighter materials loose, and this allows the gold to settle to the bottom of the trap due to its high specific gravity... And there it stays - Until YOU remove it!

No additional equipment is needed for operation, just a moving stream and a shovel. There is no classifying, simply shovel from the streambed onto the intake end. The Bazooka Gold Trap is also self-cleaning, and final clean-out of your concentrates is fast & easy.

Length: 90cm (36")

Height: 15cm (6")

Width at Flare: 34cm (13 3/4")

Width at Trap: 24cm (9 1/2")  

Weight: 6kgs (12-13lbs)