30" Croc Freshy

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The 30" Freshy Gold Trap Sluice is the middle of the range, making it ideal for daily use under any conditions whilst still being robust and large enough to deliver high yields.

'Snap up the gold' the easiest and most efficient way with the Croc Gold Trap. Just place in the stream and start shovelling - no need to classify!

Croc Traps are fluid bed type sluices designed to be operated by both professionals and novices. The basic design is modelled on the old Bazooka Gold Trap with some improvements. It has been successfully used all over the globe from prospectors and adventurers in Australia to villagers in remote areas of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, providing incomes to local communities.

Made from ABS plastic with stainless steel Grizzlies, they are extremely robust. Unlike older technology sluices with matting, these fluid bed sluice boxes are less susceptible to reduction in performance as a result of accidental rough treatment. No assembly required just set up and go for it.

Whether you are camping or caravanning overnight, or for the rest of your life, they are becoming an essential item on the packing list right above the fishing gear. Beware, a side affect using a Croc Gold Trap is Gold fever!